coverillustration-migraine-and-headaches-2015-karger-publishers migraine-related-nerves-in-the-neck neurons base-of-the-skull-with-migraine-related-nerves anamnesis-toolanatomical-heart-sketch

Janine Heers

Specialities Subjects:
anatomy and pathology, graphic design and publishing, infographics, surgical steps, traditional painting

8004 Zurich





Janine Heers, born 1985, obtained her BA in Illustration Non Fiction from Lucerne University in 2010. After working as a trainee in Singapore (for ETH Zurich) and St. Gallen (Natural History Museum) and doing different free lance work, she was employed 2012 and 2013 by Dr. Reto Agosti, Director of Headache Center Hirslanden, who was in charge of creating a standard book. Janine Heers did all the illustrations (almost 200). Since then, she is working as a self employed illustrator, doing mainly medical illustrations for hospitals and doctors, but also regularly for an magazine of African Art. Since March 2015, she additionally teaches at an Art school in Zurich. Janine Heers is the winner of the the Giliola Gamberini Award 2015 from AEIMS.