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GROUPS REGISTRATION FORM 26th AEIMS Congress - Maastricht (NL) 17-18 March 2017

Drawn to Science

the stories we tell

Multiple Registration

Use this form to register whole groups such as Schools, Associations, Institutions etc.
Please fill out the page 2 with the full list of names of attendants and dinners requested.
Please fill out also the field with the total amount of fees.
Deadline for registration and payment 10 March 2017.

Other types of registration

Single Registration Exhibition


Registration Fee
The registration fee includes the following: admission to the conference, exhibition, certificate of attendance, lunches, all coffee & tea breaks and a sponsored ticket to TEFAF

Registration fee (2 days)

Registration fee (One day)
Annual Dinner


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If you are a member of the AEIMS, the Online Members Community offers an incredible opportunity for members to stay connected.
Active dialogue keep you up-to-date regarding emerging fields and employment opportunities and inject a dose of freshness and energy in your work


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